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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Following my habit to write something about source code analysis every
few weeks, here comes the next installment under that topic:

Initially set off by KaiB’s
pain with OOo’s build slowness, I remembered some rules from John
Lakos’ ‘Large-Scale
C++ Software Design’
tome – and to first off assess the state of
affairs regarding include dependencies, found this:

  • DEPS, a tool to extract dependencies (e.g. includes) from source code
  • cinclude2dot, a tool plotting a project’s include dependencies as a GraphViz dot graph

Somewhat related (because they also facilitate getting an overview
over large code bases) are

  • Bloof, an infrastructure for processing of version control data, and
  • StatCVS, which extracts statistical HTML reports from a CVS repository.
  • (thanks Pavel for
    pointing me to it).