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Monthly Archives: February 2009

As usual, FOSDEM was a blast. Sadly I missed the Friday beer event this year, due to my current over-loadedness I went to Brussels (very early) Saturday morning. Gave a little talk about what I considered cool (and felt competent enough to talk about) in OOo’s gsl/graphics area together with Janneke, who really deserves (and actually got) the thunder about this awesomely cool dialog layouting implementation.


For the curious, the slides are here (but we really talked & demoed a lot in between).


Following the announcements of Eike and Eric, I’m going to FOSDEM ’09 as well. If you’re around: I’ll be talking a bit about’s graphics/gui core, and what’s hot there currently. Tentative schedule is Saturday at 17:15 in AW1.126.