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While debugging an especially insidious slideshow jerkiness (which only manifests itself on a single type of Toshiba laptop, and only with the most recent JDS builds — i.e. prolly exposed by that particular combination of NVidia chip and Xorg nv driver), I found relief (and distraction) in reading one of ESR’s inspiring texts: The Tao of Unix Programming (Chapter 1 — Philosophy got me straightened out again).

Which in turn got me (somehow) looking for keithp’s article about X11 network performance, which in turn referenced xcap, which in turn pointed me to the thing that possibly goes wrong in the setup above: after every bitmap operation, OOo seems to scan the X11 queue for GraphicsExpose events, and generates paint events from that — even if there’s nothing that’s been exposed, or needs repaint. I guess that needs a change.


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