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While updating the OOo coding standards in late 2006, especially the IncGuards item sparked some discussion about why not removing all those existing external guards. Kendy quickly came up with a removal script, but a few tests showed that builds using the old wntmsci10 (MSVC 2003) compiler became significantly slower (external header guards had originally been put there for performance reasons). Since Hamburg RelEng, as the main victim of increased build times, now switched to MSVC 2005, it’s about time to bin these warts – currently committing the bulk of the changes to CWS incguards01.



  1. So it is advised to upgrade to MSVC 2005, isn’t it? Are there any probléem with the new version? I am still using 2003 but I want to switch to 2005.

  2. I’d recommend, yes. Though the old version is not dropped, I’d expect more build breakages there, simply because the main Hamburg builds no longer use this compiler.

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