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As mentioned, we did some focused usability bugfixing during Novell’s Project Pedigree – here’s a brief account on what I did for Impress:

Previously, when you saved an Impress document with a non-default zoom level (i.e. slightly zoomed in or out), repeated load/save cycles would move the document display increasingly farther to the right (first image: original, second image: after first reload, third: after three reloads). Fixed now.

Another one: moving text frames with the mouse is hard – one has to hit an invisible, four-pixel-wide area around the text. Added better visual clues to that, by taking the same hatched frame for moving that is already used when editing the text content (the advantage becomes especially apparent when the text box is also rotated).

A bunch of users had apparently fooled themselves when inserting pictures as links into their documents (because moving either the OOo file or the linked pictures usually kills the document). So I added a big, fat warning dialog, and also made the state of the “I want a linked graphic” checkbox in the file selector non-persistent.

Other fixes made during Pedigree: VCL transparent printing is now much smarter (spool files will tend to be much smaller), PowerPoint export will now keep linked graphics as links, a bunch of crashers&uninitialized variables are now gone, fixed the fact that leaving the inplace OLE editing mode ends up in a selection frame, and backported issue i69364 and issue i76650 to 2.4. All of this is included in ooo-build – get a copy here.


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