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So, got some time to work on SVG import again. Gradients are now working pretty good (within the limits of OOo/ODF, of course), basic text support is in as well. Most importantly, I added a graphic filter for SVG, such that e.g. openclipart images can be easily included. But see the discussion here about my long-term plans about that – OOo’s internal metafile neither has the fidelity, not do I see much sense in implementing the n-th SVG renderer (the mapping from SVG to ODF is an altogether different story, and I will keep improving that).

As usual, patches available in ooo-build, binaries will appear here.

Some sample cliparts imported as graphics:



  1. Thorsten, thank you for your great work! I look forward to use SVG in Besides gradients, does it support transparencies, too?

  2. Yep, uniform transparency (and transparency gradients, as supported by OOo) does work.

  3. Hi,

    How can I try this out? I am currently using OO 2.4.0 installed with the Ubuntu package manager. Do I need to install the 3.0.0 beta, or something?

    Thanks! Cannot wait to be able to insert a svg picture from a file.


  4. Lars, this will be in 2.4.1 for all ooo- build based distros (including Ubuntu)

  5. I have tried the code in 2.4.1, but it fails to import some of my SVGs properly (missing elements, etc.). I don’t need to edit the images with OO (and wouldn’t anyway, since Inkscape’s interface is much easier and more flexible), so it makes more sense to me to simply render the graphics without converting. In my case, what would be ideal is to be able to link to SVG files on the disk in a read-only fashion. Then these could be edited by external programs, and simply updated in the OO document when they have changed.

    This also has to do with consistency — when I select “insert image”, I expect that the image will only be read, and not changed, and that I can optionally link to the image instead of embedding it (since that is how it is for most other images). In the case of *converting*, the option should be located elsewhere (in a different menu option, and also somewhere in OO Draw).

  6. @yoyo: agreed – the missing elements are bugs, that need to be fixed. please write an issue for that ( You actually _can_ link to svgs, just check the “link” checkbox in the insert picture dialog.

    Editing svg content is done by opening the svg via file->open (not via insert->image). The content is then converted to ODF.

  7. I just tried go-oo 2.4.1 and was very pleased to see that it does import dashed lines (which the svg import extension does not). However one of the files I tried made writer and/or draw lock up completely. The correctly loaded files were made by Inkscape and SDEdit. The file that cased the hang was created using gnu libplot. If you want I can send you the file.

  8. I also just tried to import chemical formulas in SVG into OO-documents. The result is either no formula at all or very ugly (double lines, triple letters…). The formulas are produced with chemical editors (BKChem, MarvinSketch) and look fine when imported in Inkscape. Where can one post those examples to the OO developers ? (OOo 2.4.1-1ubuntu2)

  9. I’ve privately asked HUWagner for the examples.

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