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So, as seemingly the Mac users currently miss all the nice Go-Oo features, I put up 3.0 RC4 Intel builds here. A word of warning, though: in comparison to Linux & Windows, the Mac version of Go-Oo has not yet received broad testing, so please consider this version unstable. Any feedback greatly appreciated – and if you want localized UI, there are language packs alongside the RC4 package (e.g. for the fr or de locale).

Just in case you want to try a build yourself: the wiki has a howto.



  1. If you don’t mind, would you periodically post the latest build? (I’m too lazy to build).

    I tried the version posted, but it crashes immediately on trying to open a Word document. Thanks.

  2. I’ve used OOo for years (all of this century, it seems… so far) on SuSE (now OpenSUSE), then on Windows, and for the last three months, on my new Mac. Today was the first I’d ever heard of the existence of go-oo.

    That kind of general public awareness – not – might be why you aren’t seeing a lot of Mac testing. Mac users who don’t know you exist are unlikely to do much go-oo_for_mac testing.

    I’ll wait until I hear of a pre-built version that can safely open a Word doc (not that I like Word docs, but they’re hard to avoid in real life, and OOo does fine with them, even on MacBook Pro OSX 10.5). I’m not a tester, so my testing would be to just use it (in my limited fashion) until it broke.

    Do you folks advertise your existence on any Mac forums or places where Mac users might have a chance to become aware of go-oo?

    – Kevin

    • Nah, no active advertising from our side, we’re busy hacking on the code. 😉
      But thanks for the ping, actually, I should probably update the packages to 3.0.1

  3. It would be great if you could update to the 3.0.1 package. I am tempted to build it myself… but as of yet had no time to try. Although I have to confess I only just stumbled onto your blog by searching for mac and go-oo.

    • Hey Parrish, at your service – build is running. 🙂

    • Parrish, please find a 3.0.1 package here:

      (currently at 3.1 beta, lang packs for both to follow)

        • finn
        • Posted May 20, 2009 at 06:35
        • Permalink

        Thank you very much,

        I’ve checked the Go-Oo website a few times since aqua support was added to OOo, but seen no mention. I think you would get more testers if there was a link to the mac build on the download page (even if only in unstable).

        I’ve only used calc briefly but so far all looking good 🙂

        • thorstenb
        • Posted May 20, 2009 at 09:07
        • Permalink

        Maybe; but this is really only a little private thing for myself, not sure if I would be up to handling that really big interest… 😉

        Anyway, 3.1 final build is running, I’ll hopefully have that ready along with the windows & linux install sets.

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