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We’ve been selected to be part of this year’s awesome GSoC, so all of you OOo-affine students out there, start thinking about the cool projects you want to do during summer!


Should you be new to OOo and not having any immediate idea what to do, fear not, here’s a list of ideas to pick from (just be aware that many of those are initial vectors to put you into the right direction, and fleshing them out would be part of your task; we’ll of course help with that).

Similarly, if you’re an established OOo hacker, willing to mentor and/or miss your favourite idea, help the project and add your name and idea to the proposals page. GSoC is a wonderful opportunity to get people involved with OOo, don’t miss out to get smart students working on your code!

Student application period starts on March 23rd, we’re looking forward to your applications!


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