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I have been working a bit on improving the ooxml import for Impress recently, focusing on the SmartArt stuff from PowerPoint 2k7. A really nifty feature indeed. Cunningly enough, MS does not store any fallback shapes for SmartArt, thus leaving me with the sole option of implementing a SmartArt layout engine myself. Here’s what it can do already:


And this is how the original thing looks like:


But there’s more to it. Since I needed a SmartArt layouting engine anyways, it was quite natural to (re)use that for actually editing and relayouting the content in Impress! For that to work, of course either the ooxml input fragments or some derived data structure have to be available at the shape; again the most straight-forward way was to use ooxml directly (in the form of an in-memory representation of the xml tree, aka DOM). Having a group shape with four extra custom attributes then gives something like this:


So “editing” this shape means tweaking the data xml fragment, i.e. adding or removing text or changing attributes, and then re-triggering the import/layouting engine. I just love it when code reuse is that easy. 😉

What I have now is something working end-to-end, with basic import, basic layouting and basic editing working. What comes next is improving all the details, i.e. supporting all layout types, editing all aspects, not only text etc. Stay tuned!