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Was in Gelsenkirchen again this year, for what seems to be the rock festival hitting the sweet spot between band relevance (i.e. not entirely arcane or unknown), and size (i.e. you don’t need to walk one hour from your tent to the stages). What should I say – it was a blast. Rain stopped on Thursday, and sun was shining the whole weekend. My favourites this time: Bloodbath, Accept, Kreator, Nevermore, Orphaned Lands, Rage + orchestra. Honorable mention: Mambo Kurt, for doing a really funny gig on a home organ + C64, in front of a very demanding audience.


(dawn in the amphitheater – Kreator’s Miland „Mille“ Petrozza – 3 behind the mixing desk – shower, festival-style – part of the venue – Orphaned Land from Israel, surprisingly good – stunts in mid-air – Rage + strings)


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