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Managed to squeeze two days of Libre Graphics Meeting in my schedule this year again, and it was again exceeding expectations. The creative mix of artists, designers and hackers is unique and extraordinary, the talks, covering both work of art & software, are mostly a revelation (to me). The organizers around Femke, Nicolas & Anne managed to grab a lofty, industrial-style old piano factory for the venue, a perfect match for the event, and with excellent infrastructure. Kudos to them!

From the talks I attended, I think I was most impressed by the nodebox folks, one of the rare moments of interdisciplinary innovation (albeit with prior art) that makes you feel very humble. I’d actually hang my walls with stuff like that.

Some random impressions:

(Lukas Tvrdy with Krita hairy brush stroke example – Jakub Steiner on his 100%-FLOSS-based icon workflow – Peter & Franz of Scribus fame demoing fancy mesh gradients – Eric Schrijver’s great ranting on design & “pixels are vectors, too” – ReJon’s Inkscape talk via Inkscape – the CloutComputing panel)


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